Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Question: What is the PowerSpike Volleyball Trainer?

Answer:  The PowerSpike volleyball trainer is a lightweight, portable training device that helps build volleyball hitting skills. The trainer can be placed into the rim of any standard basketball goal. If the basketball goal is adjustable, simply adjust the basketball goal to the preferred height and begin practicing.

Question: Is a basketball goal required to use the PowerSpike Volleyball Trainer?

Answer:  Yes, use of the PowerSpike Volleyball Trainer requires a basketball goal with a standard sized rim. The basketball goal may be fixed or adjustable.

Question: What volleyball skills can be improved by using the PowerSpike volleyball trainer?

Answer: Several volleyball skills and techniques can be practiced using the PowerSpike volleyball trainer. These include hitting with accuracy and power; footwork and timing; velocity, angles, and depth; digging; serving; passing and setting; and inner core building.

Question: Is the PowerSpike volleyball trainer for hitters only?

Answer: The PowerSpike volleyball trainer is *not* just for hitters! Liberos, defensive specialists, and setters can benefit, too, and the PowerSpike volleyball trainer can be used by one or several people. 

Question: At what age is the PowerSpike volleyball trainer appropriate?

Answer: The PowerSpike volleyball trainer can be used by volleyball players of all ages, whether girls and boys. There are no skill or age limits. It can be used from beginners to collegiate level.

Question: What is the maximum hitting height with the PowerSpike volleyball trainer?

Answer: On a basketball goal adjusted to the standard 10-foot height, the PowerSpike volleyball trainer holds the volleyball at a 9-foot height at the top of the volleyball.

Question: Can the PowerSpike volleyball trainer be rotated on the basketball rim?

Answer: Yes, the PowerSpike volleyball trainer can be rotated on the basketball rim for hitting from any direction for 360-degree hitting! 

Question: Is the PowerSpike volleyball trainer easy to setup?

Answer: Yes, easy set-up with no tools required! Follow the instructions included in the box to attach the arms to the bowl. Then simply place the PowerSpike volleyball trainer in the basketball rim and start hitting!

Question: Will the PowerSpike volleyball trainer fit any basketball rim? 

Answer: Yes, the PowerSpike volleyball trainer fits in any standard basketball rims, including double rims.

Question: How many volleyballs can the PowerSpike volleyball trainer hold at one time?

Answer: The PowerSpike volleyball trainer can hold up to 3 volleyballs at any given time for continuous hitting.

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Order Processing & Payments

Question:  How does order processing work? What payment types are accepted? 


  • Orders placed Monday through Friday by 2:00pm Mountain Time are generally processed and shipped that same day, holidays excepted. Otherwise the order will be processed and shipped the next business day. 

  • Orders shipped to Colorado and Kansas will be charged sales tax, by law. No sales tax on orders shipped to other states.

  • Payment methods accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Schools may pay via purchase order and invoice. Contact us for details.

  • Once shipped, we will email you a tracking number for the shipment. 

  • Credit card statement will show a charge from PAYPAL POWERSPIKE.

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Question: How does shipping work?


  • Free shipping only on orders shipped via UPS Ground to destinations in the continental USA. We will subsidize shipping costs to other locations. Contact us for details.

  • Orders within the continental USA are shipped via UPS Ground, which takes 2-6 days depending on the destination. UPS may not count the departure day as a transit day. 

  • Once shipped, we will email you a tracking number for the shipment. 

  • Shipping to locations outside the continental USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) may incur shipping costs, duties, and taxes not included in purchase price, as applicable. Please contact us for details.

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Question: What is the return policy with the PowerSpike volleyball trainer? 

Answer: While we expect you will be completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day return policy with the PowerSpike volleyball trainer.

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